Flat breads are the heart and soul of any Indian meal and without them, the meal would be incomplete. Taste’L helps you ensure that your meal checks off all the important parts of your Indian meal by providing you with rotis, parathas, kulchas and naans in all their forms and flavours. Whether you like them plain or mixed with spices, we have got you covered.
    • Tandoori Naan
    • Garlic Naan
    • Onion & Corainder Naan
    • Rogani Naan
    • Kashmiri Naan
    • Veg.Masala kulcha
    • Paneer Kulcha
    • Punjabi Aloo Kulcha
    • Punjabi Tava Paratha
    • Amritsari Aloo Paratha
    • Lachhedar Malabar Paratha
    • Lucknowi Methi Paratha
    • Pudina Kesari Paratha
    • Tandoori Roti
    • Makhmali Roti
    • Delhi Bhaturas
    • Jeera Puri
    • Tandoori Naan (bulk)