Rasm means “ritual” in Hindi. The Indian cuisine is an integral part of the Indian culture. Each dish has evolved over a period of time going through various alterations until it attained perfection to be presented to the world. Every dish, irrespective of its regional origins involves the intricate task of mixing the right masalas in right quantities. We, as true food connoisseurs, understand and value the importance of the right proportion of masalas. At Taste’l, We strongly believe in offering the concept of Authenticity to our consumers.

With changing times, fast pace of life and busy schedules, the trend of ready-to-eat meals have taken over the long cooking process; Keeping all these factors in mind, Taste’l has put together Rasm for you.

The authentic recipes from Households and traditional Khansamahs (Master Chef’s) have been technologically mastered keeping in mind core Indian tradition & International food standards.

“Rasm” is the embodiment of the food tradition of India. Premium masala blends and lip smacking condiments are the chief products of the Rasm line of foodstuff. For vegetarians and meat lovers alike, Rasm offers you the ideal curry bases, Ready-meals and chutneys.