Indian Cuisine reflects a 5000-year old history of various cultures interacting with the subcontinent, leading to diversity in flavors and regional cuisines. India, due to its rich cultural heritage has always held the veil of mystery surrounding itself intact. And now, it’s the new favorite.

Real Indian brings to you this age-old history served on a platter to grant you exclusive access to the real curry culture of the world. These are the most genuine Indian curries made from Indian onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green and red chilies with freshly grounded spices processed in traditional utensils to capture the Real essence of Indian food.

“Real Indian” makes you embark on a journey through different regions of India from Uttar to Dakshin, Purab to Paschim, offering a unique variety of mouth-watering Authentic Indian Curries, Delicious Meal Bases, Combo meals and Indian Flat breads; which will titillate your taste buds.