The crux of Indian food are the local spices which bring out the base flavors of a dish to the forefront. A slightly less or amore seasoning is capable of changing the essential flavor of a dish. Traditional Indian kitchens are full of treasured bottled masalas that are created by mixing different spices in specific proportions to suit the needs of every dish exclusively. These are not just spices, but formulas that are passed on from generations to make sure the food doesn’t lose its taste.

We enliven all those secret age-old recipes to you in the form of Spice 65. Spice 65 is all about the perfect Indian masala blends. Masalas are the quintessential component in savory Indian dishes and that is what Spice 65 has on offer. Spice 65 has created and canned nearly 50 authentic Indian masalas that are crucial for the preparation of the entire range of Indian dishes from the simplest to the most complex.