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Chai Samosa, A Tea & Snack Bar Concept

Taste’L Fine Food Pvt Limited is proud to announce the launch of Chai Samosa – A quick snack outlet which offers a varied range of Samosas and different assortments of Teas. It offers unique products, creating a fusion of various food styles with Indian recipes at the core.

Tikka Boulevard, An Indian Quick Service Restaur

Taste’L has made a luscious name for itself by reinventing traditional Indian flavours and show casing them to the world. Tikka Boulevard boasts of a menu that includes a variety of dishes rich in Indian taste and culture. A unique feature of Tikka Boulevard is the innovative Indian style of Burritos and Naan Rolls. The first Tikka boulevard opened in Ontario and as time passed, we expanded and now have 3 branches all over Canad

State Level Award for Best Performan

In the year 2013, Tase’L Fine Food Pvt. Ltd received a State level award from Government of Maharashtra for best performance in manufacturing practices. We are honoured to receive this award and it motivates us to grow be